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LaTonya R. Jackson is being used to bring wholeness, restoration and transformation to the lives of men and women across the nation.   With transparency and passion, LaTonya demonstrates the importance of a well-balanced life, spirit, soul and body.  Her book, "The Making Season-You Will Reap If You Faint Not," is a reminder, that no matter the season, no matter the test or trial, With God, You have power and dominion over anything that tries to stop or hinder you.

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The Making Season: You Will Reap If You Faint Not by LaTonya Jackson is a goldmine of rich treasures for the soul. In my field of ministering to countless men and women recovering from substance abuse and the ache of broken relationships with their feelings, La Tonya Jackson has made it easy by taking us on her honest, heartfelt journey of love, healing and courage.

This is not just an autobiography; it is a practical textbook that will allow you to identify and unite with Christ in overcoming obstacles meant to hold you back. Each chapter offers you an encouraging word that will boost your confidence in whatever stage of life you may be experiencing. The Making Season shows you through every walk of life you are not alone. GOD IS WITH YOU – and – you will reap your destiny … if you faint not. There is no doubt you will want to share this magnificent journey with others.”

Min. Deborah L.J. Jones

Founder/President, Prayer School Hour

CEO, Detroit Alliance for Fair Banking

“LaTonya Jackson’s courage in sharing intimate details and feelings will be a blessing to many, who are similarly dealing with the “normal‟ challenges of life. As Christians, we’re not promised that our lives will be easy, but we are promised that God will be with us, leading and guiding every step of the way. The Making Season provides real time examples of God’s protection, provision and purpose for His children. LaTonya Jackson is a committed worshipper and witness to God’s grace.”

Priscilla Archangel, Ph.D. 

Author, Speaker, Coach, Teacher 
Archangel and Associates, LLC

The Making Season by LaTonya Jackson is a moving journey of faith in God through life’s storms, challenges and victories. I believe that her story will not only bless you, but it will give you ammunition to fight and persevere in life.”

Min. Gloria Pruett

Founder and President,

Gloria Pruett Ministries


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